On-line entries

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Advantages for Event Organisers:

  • No set-up costs
  • The organiser can choose who pays the service fees: the entrant or the organiser
  • Low cost. Fast service. Best quality. Our job is to take your on-line entries problem away
  • It doesn't matter how small the event is
  • Entry progress graphed real-time
  • Spreadsheets for registration, emailing, accounting, etc, all real-time
  • Provisional statements real-time
  • Complimentary entries handled handled automatically (e.g. based on age category etc.)
  • Organisers get paid quickly, and can receive milestone payments if required
  • RaceTraq is not a generic shopping cart like other providers - it is tailored for sports events
  • Bulk mails can be sent on behalf of the organisers
  • Housed in a state of the art data-centre
  • We do all of the set-up for you. All we need is the details on your flyer
  • Free race bib artwork - bibs generated and collated, ready for printing on Tyvek at no extra cost!
  • Not restricted to running events.
  • We can handle extras like tee-shirt orders and donations as part of the entry process
  • Your event can be set up in minutes if RaceTraq has the relevant info

Advantages for Entrants:

  • Lower cost than other service providers
  • SnapScan, Credit card, EFT, and Cash payments accepted
  • Free substitutions - done instantly via the RaceTraq web interface by the entrants. Only RaceTraq offers this feature
  • Multiple entries in one order
  • Order history and tracking
  • You don't have to keep re-entering the same personal info repeatedly. Makes entering subsequent events much quicker.
  • Personal data is encrypted
  • Password and data encryption uses internationally accepted best practises

Advantages for Clubs:

  • A club captain can enter his entire team in one order (and make a single payment)
  • A designated person can maintain the user profiles of others, so that managers of development runners (and their entries) can be done centrally and efficiently. The runners themselves still retain the ability to update their own data and entries. A fully dual system with the ability to make single bulk payments.


  • Two Pricing models: The organiser can choose who pays the on-line entry fees - Either the entrant or the organiser. Only RaceTraq offers this feature
  • Entries can be restricted to a list of people. (This feature can be disabled later, to allow others to enter.) Only RaceTraq offers this feature
  • The last entry can be auctioned off. Only RaceTraq offers this feature


  • Written in Python/Django using Apache2 and MySQL, running on Debian Linux
  • W3C compliant