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The K-Way Constantia Valley Grape Run is arguably the most beautiful route in the Western Cape. The 21km course is somewhat challenging as it leads one through the historic wine farms of the Constantia Valley. The courses have been measured and certified using a Clane Jones Device. Both courses are uneven underfoot in certain areas and therefore athletes should contact the organisers to discuss their possible participation if they are unsure.

On-line entries are now closed but you can still enter at registration.


As this event is run primarily on the paths and trails of the Constantia Valley wine farms, this race has been declared a plastic-free event and with special permission of the WPA Road Running Commission, there will be limited water stations as follows:

14km race:
  • water refill at 3.5km
  • water refill at 7.5km
  • water refill and Coke at 10.5km
21km race:
  • water refill at 3.5km
  • water refill at 7.5km
  • water refill and Coke at 14.5km
  • water refill and Coke at 18.5km
There is no water available between the 7.5km and 14.5km marks on the 21.1km route. Participants are therefore encouraged to bring their own bottle or hydration pack. All Coke/water will be served in paper cups and must be consumed at the water stations. Discarding of any cups or other rubbish in the vineyards will lead to instant disqualification.


Support the #RunClean initiative.

Note: Regrettably the first issue of our flyer had errors. Please refer here for the correct information.

Date: Sunday the 1st of October 2017
Time: 6:30 for the 21.1km, 7:00 for the 14km race and 7:45 for the Family Fun Run
Note: Both the 14km and the 21km races are limited to 1000 entrants each.
Location: Opposite Alphen Centre, Main Road, Constantia
GPS: -34.020004, 18.446181 (34°01'12.0"S 18°26'46.2"E) OpenStreetMap
Free entry for entrants in the 70+ age category. Enter on-line as normal selecting EFT as the payment method. On completion, contact web-query@racetraq.co.za for your complimentary entry - no payment required. (Proof of age may be requested.)
Note: No substitutions are allowed. Regrettably no refunds either.

The race will be run in accordance with the rules of ASA and WPA, including special permission from RR commission. Detailed rules are available on www.wpa.org.za or on request from the organizers or the WPA office.

  • Cape Union Mart Canal Walk Adventure Centre from 11:00 to 15:00 on Friday 29th September 2017
  • Cape Union Mart Constantia from 11:00 to 15:00 on Saturday 30th September 2017.
Note: There is no additional charge for entering on-line.
Fun Run: Entries can be purchased on the day for the fun-run at registration
A tog bag facility will be provided; please do not leave valuables in your vehicle.


Hosted by K-Way VOB

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On-line registration for the Constantia Valley Grape Run 2017 has closed